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A Composer’s Guide to Understanding Music With Activities for Listeners, Interpreters and Composers
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Adopted as a text by Texas Southern University and Millersville University

 The purpose of this book is to provide insight into the compositional process to enable listeners, interpreters, and creators of music to advance their skills through a series of guided activities. Listeners can use this book to increase their musical understanding and appreciation. Developing performers, educators and conductors can use this book to gain valuable insights to assist them with interpreting music beyond what is printed on the page. Developing composers can use this book as a beginning text or to help refine their compositional techniques.

Each chapter is divided into descriptive material that includes some discovery activities to assist in the learning process. Free downloadable mp3 files containing MIDI performances of most of the examples used in the chapters are available. The descriptive material is followed by separate activities for listeners, interpreters, and composers. A list of suggested compositions for listening activities is provided at the end of the book.


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