Co-op Press


Sy Brandon is available for commissions at a reasonable price.

* Sy Brandon retains all rights regarding ownership of the composition. The commissioner has premiere rights for one year after receipt of the music. After one year, the commissioned composition will be made available to the public.
* The commissioner's name will appear in the dedication.
* The commissioner will have input regarding style and level of difficulty.
*Several commissioners may join together to share the fee.
*The music will be delivered electronically via PDF format. The Commissioner may make as many copies as needed for performance.

Commission Fees:

Choral Music and Ensembles of 9 or less musicians - $25 per minute of music requested.

    Ensembles of 10 or more musicians - $50 per minute of music requested.

    If the actually composition exceeds the agreed upon length for artistic reasons, there is no additional charge for the extra length.

    For more information or to express interest, please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.